10 Cloud Migration Benefits that Heighten Security

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Security Vulnerabilities Found in 46% of On-Prem Databases

Along with cloud migration benefits relating to costs, there are also many advantages that heighten security. And these days, nearly half of on-prem databases contain security vulnerabilities.

In a global study of 27,000 on-prem databases, Imperva Research Labs uncovered this shocking statistic. Among those with security vulnerabilities, the average number of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) identified per database was 26. What we’re seeing is a widespread vulnerability among on-prem data centers to hackers and not enough resources or expertise to remedy the situation.  Hank Schless, Senior Manager, Security Solutions at Lookout, adds:

“There are several risks involved in keeping things on-prem, especially from the security perspective. This report points out one of the most glaring challenges of on-prem: implementing security patches for vulnerable databases and other infrastructure. Organizations need to rely on their admins to download and install these patches as they're made available.While admins may be diligent in doing so, it’s almost inevitable that they’ll miss a couple of resources. In that case, one vulnerable database is just as bad as one hundred. In addition, on-prem services may reach an age where they’re no longer supported.”

If you’re considering migrating your on-prem architecture to the cloud, take into account these 10 security benefits.

10 Ways Migrating to the Cloud Improves Security

  1. Off-site Redundancy
  2. Protection from Compromise    
  3. Fine-Tune User Access
  4. Log and Store Every Action
  5. Centralized Authentication    
  6. Easy Encryption
  7. Expertise from Security Professionals
  8. Better-Equipped On-site Security
  9. Automatic Hardware Patching
  10. Network Security Best Practices

1. Cloud Migration Benefit for Security: Off-site Redundancy

If your area of the world is impacted by a natural disaster, civil war, Russian invasion, or mandatory power blackouts, your business doesn’t have to be. Your infrastructure can immediately fail over to more than 26 different geographical locations.

2. Cloud Migration Benefit for Security: Protection from Compromise

If a ransomware attack encrypts your data and demands payment, your information is available elsewhere at a moment's notice.

3. Cloud Migration Benefit for Security: Access Controls

Granting users or services permissions can be extremely fine-tuned even beyond the Read/Write level. With products like AWS IAM, granular access policies for virtually every action can be defined for every user and service.

4. Cloud Migration Benefit for Security: Access Logs

Cloud platforms can offer extremely thorough access logs through services such as AWS CloudTrail, where each individual action of users or services can be logged and archived for years.

5. Cloud Migration Benefit for Security: Centralized Authentication

User and service permissions can be seen and controlled from a single location. Authentication audits can also be initiated to find permissions that users and services don’t need. Former employees can immediately be removed across all products. Strong password standards can be enforced as well as Multi-Factor Authentication.

6. Cloud Migration Benefit for Security: Encryption

As with physical hardware, encryption abounds in the cloud, and can be performed easily.

7. Cloud Migration Benefit for Security: Expertise

Major cloud providers are very well equipped to research and address security vulnerabilities, with better financing, experience, and resources. AWS security services boast 230 features and support for 90 security standards/compliance certifications.

8. Cloud Migration Benefit for Security: On-site Security

Cloud facilities are better protected than many other onsite infrastructures. Surveillance, perimeter security, fire prevention, redundant air cooling, electricity, and internet providers. These facilities must also comply with additional standards, such as ISO 27001, SOC1, NIST, etc. This level of on-site security exceeds what most small businesses can afford or manage.

9. Cloud Migration Benefit for Security: Hardware Patching

Your team does not need to stay on top of hardware level patching. This is performed automatically by the cloud provider. AWS’s shared responsibility model states that it is responsible for security of the cloud itself, while the customer is responsible for their own applications.

10. Cloud Migration Benefit for Security: Network Security

Many of the same companies you trust to protect your onsite network are also present in the cloud and even helped develop the cloud network security model. The AWS Well-Architected Framework Security Pillar focuses on staying on top of best practices.

Moving to the cloud securely is a complex process that requires careful planning and expertise. A managed service provider like Bloomip brings clarity and confidence to cloud migration.

Visit our Cloud Migration Resources page to learn more, or contact us to clear the fog from the cloud for your organization.


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