SMB Cloud Services

There are 1,000 ways to move into the cloud, and it can be impossible to tell if you’re optimizing the solution. Making the wrong decisions when moving to the cloud sets your company up for extreme cost inefficiencies, dangerous security holes, and significant technical debt.

With Bloomip as your cloud partner, you’ll be confident that your cloud costs, performance, resilience and security align with your business goals. We provide the same level of personalized attention to our small business clients as to enterprise.

Personalized Solutions for Your Goals

AWS Consulting Services for SMB

Bloomip’s devoted experts provide full cloud concierge services, and our company assumes liability based on your organization’s needs.

*Your team doesn’t need to have any cloud experience or knowledge.

Cloud Migration

Simple, cost-effective, and fast cloud migrations for data and applications.

  • Lift and Shift: The fastest way to move your current infrastructure onto AWS cloud
  • Lift and Evolve: Optimize your data and applications for AWS cloud to enjoy all the features of cloud infrastructure
  • Cloud Native: Architect your data and applications for container-based environments
Professional Services

Project-based cloud consulting.

  • Strategic Infrastructure Plan: We help translate your business requirements to technical needs that can be understood, bid on and implemented by any AWS Partner.
  • Cloud Opportunity Analysis: We identify what cloud and infrastructure opportunities are available to you. With our extensive knowledge of AWS products, we connect your goals and requirements with AWS offerings.
  • Proof of Concept: We determine the feasibility and viability of migrating your infrastructure to the cloud with a proof of concept implementation.
  • Cloud Native Advancement: We implement a variety of new cloud native technologies such as automation, templating, orchestration, serverless, and more.
On-Demand Services

Urgency-based consulting for our clients.

  • Available for all of our current clients, On-Demand Services help you meet urgent goals and deadlines.
Business Alignment Consulting

Bridge the gap between evolving business goals and changing technology.

  • An integral part of our managed services, Business Alignment Consulting keeps us focused on your organization and goals.
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Run, Operate, Optimize

AWS Managed Services for SMB

Our cloud infrastructure solutions are optimized for your organization and ensure you’re ready for what’s ahead. With Bloomip, you receive operational excellence.

Along with the expected 24x7 monitoring and alerting, our team of devoted experts respond to your tailored requirements. Our personalized SLAs are crafted to your specific needs.

AWS Managed Services from Bloomip gives your organization confidence in your infrastructure’s uptime, performance, security, resilience, scalability and efficiency.

Cloud Management Platform

The cornerstone of our ongoing AWS Managed Services offering includes four pillars.

  • Cloud Cost Optimization: Know your infrastructure cost is optimized to the lowest spend at optimal performance.
  • Cloud Security: Trust your data and applications are secure and follow best practices.
  • Cloud Data and Analytics: Understand performance metrics for all of your AWS Services and know if your infrastructure supports your organization’s goals.
  • Cloud Governance: Observe regulatory compliance, user security, and consistency across cloud resources.
Cloud and Data Center Hybrid

For specific, unique situations.

  • Cloud implementation is right for your infrastructure the majority of the time, however there are unique situations where the traditional data center is the best fit. Bloomip has enterprise-class, secure data center services on the east coast of the United States that can fulfill the stringent requirements of unique situations.
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