Managed Service Provider Companies Aren’t All Created Equal

Top 20 Features that Set Bloomip Apart as Your MSP

At Bloomip, we are passionate about Essential Managed Services and understand how complicated choosing from all the available managed service provider companies can be. These 20 features show how our clients benefit from partnering with us.

Basic Monitoring and Alerting

1. Metrics

Monitor metrics using CloudWatch and the CloudWatch agent, including: Instance, CPU, Memory, Disk, and Status checks.

2. Alerting

SNS subscription to email or Slack to Client provided notifications list.  Alerts configured to Client requirements.

3. CloudWatch Dashboards

At-a-glance dashboard status for all configured alerts for AWS console users.

AWS Patch Management

4. Scheduled Patching

Bloomip performs monthly patching, utilizing automated methods on all managed Client EC2 systems, as per an agreed monthly schedule.

5. Out-of-Band (OOB) Patching

Ad-hoc, one-off patches. Initiated by client staff or Bloomip in a planned manner as needs arise.
Examples: A coming software update, bug fix, internal compliance, a newer version of Apache in order to meet a feature rollout, etc.

6. Emergency Patching

To address critical security situations.

7. Compliance Status Reports

Reports that show if any systems do not meet the baseline patch levels.

AWS IAM and Basic Single Sign-On

8. User and Group Administration

Creation and deletion of user accounts upon request.

9. Policy Management

IAM policy configuration and management using AWS best practices.

10. AWS Single Sign-On (AWS SSO)

Support and configuration for AWS SSO for Identify Source.  

11. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Enforcement

Ensure MFA is enforced to protect security of client accounts.

12. Password Policy Management

We configure and maintain proper password policies throughout the AWS environment.

Bloomip Cloud Support

13. Around-the-Clock Emergency Response

Provides Emergency Response within 30 minutes: 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week.

14. Business Hours Regular Support 

Mon-Fri, 9AM-6PM Eastern, excluding holidays for quoted Bloomip Managed Services. Access to an engineer who will manage client cloud support cases on client’s behalf.

15. Bloomip Support Portal

Web-accessible portal to submit, respond, or update service support requests.  

16. SLA-Backed Response Times

Support-level guarantees with credits for SLA violations. 

17. Optional Slack Collaboration

Direct interaction with Bloomip engineers and representatives through Slack.

Bloomip CMP

18. Bloomip Cloud Management Platform

Web-accessible portal to Bloomip CMP for client team. Central pane of glass reporting for cloud environments. 

19. Bloomip CMP 650+ Best Practice Checks

Best practice checks for cloud configurations and practices. Automatically inventoried and evaluated daily. 

20. Bloomip CMP Cost Management

Central billing console, which features cost savings and optimization features. 

  • Custom cost allocation reporting
  • Resource optimization identification 
  • Intelligent budget alerting
  • Detailed spend analysis reports
  • Reserved purchase recommendations
  • Tag management alerts 
  • Right-sizing within and across instance families

To learn more, check out our article, “Managed Service Provider: The Magic of Experience (Not Prognostication)” And to get personalized advice for your business, contact us.


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