Managed Services Tools that Level Up Your AWS Cloud

From Cost Optimization to Security, Get Cloud-Confident

The managed services model offers the tools companies need to have confidence in their AWS cloud infrastructure while remaining focused on their business goals. Bloomip’s clients depend on our managed services for their mission-critical infrastructure, so they can:

  • Grow their business
  • Innovate new products
  • Increase revenue
  • Attract new subscribers
  • Improve company culture
  • Recruit, hire and train new team members 

Bloomip is an Advanced Consulting Partner with AWS, and we specialize in 24x7x365 managed services. Our managed services supports over $3B in client revenue, and we have helped investor-backed SaaS start-ups from inception to $100M+ in revenue.

And it’s all thanks to our Cloud Management Platform, developed in-house by our top experts, and which we are continuously improving.

Bloomip Cloud Management Platform (CMP)

Our Cloud Management Platform (CMP) is the cornerstone of Bloomip’s AWS Managed Services. Here’s how the CMP is structured:

At the foundation is your AWS cloud, which integrates with and is managed by our Management Layer. 

CMP Management Layer is Bloomip’s Secret Sauce

The best part of a sandwich is what’s in the middle right? Between the AWS cloud and the services our clients receive is the CMP Management Layer that ensures our clients’ success in the cloud:

  • Alerts
  • Automation
  • Dashboards
  • Reports
  • 650+ Best Practice Checks
  • Popular Integrations (Slack, PagerDuty, etc.)

Managed Services Tools for Cost & Expense Management

Up front, our clients see a 30% average monthly cost reduction. Over time, we optimize costs further and adhere to AWS Well-Architected Framework design principles. The tools we use to achieve these results include:

  • Idle, unused, mis-provisioned, and previous generation resource identification 
  • Intelligent budget alerting
  • Detailed pre-built and custom spend analysis 
  • Reserved purchase recommendations for six resource types
  • Tag management and cost mapping tools and improperly tagged resource alerts 
  • Right-sizing within and across instance families

Managed Services Tools for Security & Compliance

AWS security services encompass incident response, logging & monitoring, infrastructure, identity & access management, and data protection. Your provider needs to be an expert in all the associated managed services tools surrounding these areas.

Bloomip’s 24/7 management of business-critical infrastructure and emergency support are backed by industry-leading SLAs. Plus, we consistently exceed our SLAs and have the ability to provide 100% SLA on our clients’ custom applications.

Our clients have the assurance of our audit-ready reporting and compliance mapping against 35+ international frameworks. Our CMP offers 650+ best practices checks with self-healing, fix-now remediation capabilities.

These security and compliance benefits are made possible by our extensive focus on these managed services tools:

Security Monitoring & Configuration Tools

  • Pre-built CloudTrail alerts, custom alert builder for API calls and resource change information
  • Network & perimeter analysis
  • Custom best practices

Activity Monitoring Tools

  • Aggregated change logs across reporting streams, including CloudTrail, CloudWatch Logs, AWS Config, VPC Flow Logs, Usage Reports
  • Permissions, security groups, and VPC audit tools
  • And more

Compliance Tools

  • Compliance benchmarking - Full mappings of Best Practice Checks to 30+ compliance frameworks and standards like CIS, NIST 800-53, PCI, HIPAA
  • Remediation - Dozens of automated, customizable remediation options for triggered checks and alerts 
  • Remediation - Cleanup tasks for security groups, volumes, and S3 bucket permissions

Automated Remediation Tools

  • Cleanup tasks for security groups, snapshots, volumes, and S3 permissions
  • Start/stop instances and terminate idle resources
  • Propagate cost allocation tags

Managed Services Tools for Asset Management

Managing your cloud assets includes both inventory and change management for files, data, apps and more. As you may suspect, a spreadsheet is not the best tool for this complicated endeavor. Bloomip ensures our clients can easily access and keep track of all cloud assets.

Managed Services Tools for Resource Utilization

Proper resource utilization keeps your infrastructure up and running, without risk of slowdowns or outages. It also balances budget requirements and cost optimization. 

Bloomip clients enjoy Security and Utilization monitoring, with up to 7 years of historical data. Our resource utilization tools include:

Usage Insights Tools

  • Interactive heat maps across resource types
  • Usage alerts and quota tracking
  • Resource right-sizing

Resource Inventory Tools

  • Aggregated, cross-account inventory insight
  • Resource usage trending information
  • Geographic distribution overlay
  • Custom reporting 
  • Resource tag intelligence

Looking for more? Check out our AWS Managed Services resource page. Want to get cloud-confident? Contact our cloud experts today.


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