Cloud Migration Challenges

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The Biggest Cloud Migration Challenges May Come from Within

Migrating to the cloud in a way that ensures your success can be a daunting effort.  Even if you have world-class DevOps and SRE staff, they will encounter many cloud migration challenges. And some of those challenges may come from within your business.

A Tale of Two Teams

Let’s walk through a scenario that we at Bloomip have seen all too often.  Imagine for a moment the ideal technical team. They can create anything you desire, have no technical roadblocks, and the world of creation is at their fingertips. 

Now imagine you are on “the business” side of the company in a leadership position. You ask the technical team, explicitly, to “do X task.” They do exactly what you say. You get exactly what you asked for. They even delivered it early!  

Next week, you find that what you got isn’t at all what you needed. The solution actually made no impact on your business, yet your request was 100% technically fulfilled. Now you’re wondering what went wrong. Who is at fault? Did the technical team not understand what you wanted from this? It was an easy task was it not? Was it not explicitly spelled out? How much simpler could you have made it, right?  

Cloud Migration Challenges

Without Alignment, Even an Ideal Leadership Team and Ideal Technical Team Can’t Deliver an Adequate Solution

The disconnect is because the process of creating a good solution involves much more than one side of the business just prescribing a task for another side to perform. All too often, a business’ technical team is seen as the people who simply ring the bells and whistles to make the sounds the business people want them to make. 

What’s missing in my example is any sort of “alignment” with the direction the business is going.  What’s missing is ownership and a sense of purpose from the technical team.  If the tech team understands the business goals, they can:

  • Bring up appropriate questions to improve upon the business leaders initial ideas
  • Point out issues to avoid future chaos  
  • Deliver good solutions, instead of blindly fulfilling requests

Bloomip Solves Cloud Migration Challenges

At Bloomip, we believe a good solution is the result of the business people and the technical people working together in sync. Everyone involved should understand the goals of the business, so critical thinking can be applied by all. It’s especially important to value the critical thought of technical people. Critical thought is integral and crucial for good engineering. There are enough cloud migration challenges to face without incomplete understanding being one of them.

The First Cloud Migration Challenge to Solve

Your cloud migration needs to be in alignment with your business objectives. Solving this first cloud migration challenge involves regular and open discussion between your cloud service provider and your team to identify what’s key to your business as part of your cloud solution.  

Take time upfront to think critically about your goals. When moving to the cloud, you can go as quickly as you want, but that doesn’t necessarily mean “wisely.” You could cause yourself some unnecessary pain in many areas of your business, especially if the migration is rushed and performed by your technical team in a vacuum.  At Bloomip, we emphasize planning and understanding as part of the process of cloud management.  

“Every minute spent in planning saves ten minutes in execution.”  -- Bryan Tracy 

Once you’ve solved the first cloud migration challenge, you can start to consider how “Lift-and-Shift Migration Solves Key Challenges.” Plus, always remember that “Security is the Top Factor to Get Right in Cloud Migration.” 

Cloud Migration Challenges

Develop an Intention Mindset Along with Technical Solutions

Business alignment requires being intentional. It’s intentional effort on the part of leadership to encourage and inspire the teams to align within the culture of the company and its purpose.  And it’s a technical team that can regularly check that they are in line with business goals.  

As a cloud service provider, we at Bloomip emphasize understanding your goals and what you want to achieve. 

Get clarity on your cloud migration challenges. Start a conversation with the Devoted Experts of Bloomip and contact us.


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