AWS Managed Service Provider: The Many Benefits

A Partner in AWS Cloud

Amazon Web Services is THE leading provider of cloud services across the world, year over year. If you are looking to go into the cloud, AWS will have solutions for you to do so. There are many benefits to partnering with an AWS managed service provider who can help guide decisions in this complex environment.

What is an AWS Managed Service Provider?

Before we go into the “why” let’s go over the “what.”  What are “Managed Services?”  To put it very simply, AWS managed service providers allow a company to outsource parts of their operations to a 3rd party provider, known as an “AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP).” 

In the context of the cloud, you might hire a Cloud MSP to provide you a team of experts in managing the underlying infrastructure of the cloud, such as handling the management of your AWS Cloud, so that your team can focus on other aspects like product development or bringing in profit.

AWS Managed Service Provider: The Many Benefits

The Benefits of Hiring an AWS Managed Service Provider

Here are the top 3 reasons why using an AWS managed service provider for Amazon Web Services will benefit your business: 

  1. Speed. If you don’t already have the in-house expertise, it is quicker to hire a company of experts to handle the architecture. 
  2. Cost.  Even if you have the funds to staff in-house expertise, it will almost always cost you more to staff at the same level of expertise that comes with an MSP. 
  3. Expertise.  One of the top challenges to cloud adoption for most companies is expertise. Cloud technologies are constantly evolving, especially with AWS! Using a company that specializes in keeping up with AWS is your best route for ensuring that you have the right people working on your environment.  

There are MANY other benefits to partnering with an MSP for AWS:

  • Reliability
  • Uptime
  • Security
  • Being able to take a vacation
  • Sleeping at night
  • Enjoying your life
  • Making sense of AWS Billing… THIS IS A BIG ONE!
  • Additional product help and support that may be outside the scope of AWS, such as integrations, Windows Server, Linux, DevOps, automation, scripting, compliance and governance, etc.

I hope that your interest is at least piqued, or perhaps you disagree with a few of the points above, or maybe you’re just looking for evidence to convince your boss one way or another. There’s much more to say about AWS managed service providers, and we will dig deeper into the topic in future articles.  

To see if an AWS managed service provider is right for your business, contact us to start a conversation.


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