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eZanga is a trusted online marketing firm, specializing in online advertising and publishing platforms, with an emphasis on ad fraud prevention. As online advertising has grown, fraud has continued to diminish the value received for each advertising dollar spent, and eZanga was created to be a place where advertisers could thrive without the worry of fraudulent traffic hitting their valuable ad budgets. Their platform has continued to grow and has grown to three offerings, each having the same common goal: protect advertisers and publishers from the effects of invalid traffic.



eZanga’s new Anura platform can be used externally, providing valuable insights about fraudulent, suspect, and legitimate traffic, across all of an organization’s advertising campaigns. These insights include information about location, language, user environment, and the source of the traffic, allowing users to choose the most effective advertising platforms.The Anura platform provides easy to understand analytics and reporting, which can be viewed at high-level or in detail. The platform allows this information to be viewed in realtime or historically, easily exported to multiple formats, for immediate inclusion in presentations, or for data processing and manipulation.Anura is a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and the TrustworthyAccountability Group (TAG), and provides a pre-bid solution, known as Anura Direct, using server-to-server communication, or a post-click analysis known as Anura Script. Anura also offers custom solutions for other scenarios, based on organizational needs.



The Anura application is carefully crafted for performance, ensuring that there is no measurable impact to an end-user experience while using a site where Anura is protecting campaigns and providing insights about in-page advertising. In addition, Anura’s pricing model depends on predictable performance, and improvements to application performance allow Anura to seamlessly increase operating margins.

Anura’s application algorithms have been carefully designed as a result of the direct experience eZanga has had in the digital marketing space for the last 15 years. This knowledge enables Anura to immediately categorize traffic as legitimate, suspect, or fraudulent. Keeping this application logic protected helps Anura to stay ahead of fraud, and prevents bad actors from gaming the system. As regulation and data protection laws are ever-changing, security remains a primary concern for eZanga, both for their users, and for their intellectual property.

Development of the Anura application, its algorithms and logic, as well as future integrations, requires experts in the fields of software engineering, data science, online marketing, reporting, and business analytics. eZanga needed a partner that had proven expertise in infrastructure management, SiteOps, and DevOps, so that the Anura team could focus on their core competencies, application and business development, and customer acquisition.


Bloomip engaged its Devoted Experts to examine every element of the technology stack which supported the Anura application. Over the course of a few weeks, our Experts were able to identify bottlenecks, and collaborate with the Anura Development Team to eliminate the source of performance degradations. Through careful examination and profiling of the application, Bloomip found optimizations at the OS level, as well as the middleware, and even in the application logic itself. With these optimizations, as well as recommended changes made by the Anura Development Team, the Anura application was able to meet the stated performance goals.

Bloomip and eZanga collaborated to create a secure infrastructure in the IBM CloudSolution, protected by Fortinet’s Fortigate NGFW appliance. This infrastructure solves several areas of challenge: authentication, logging and audit, perimeter network protection, and automation. Each area of the infrastructure is hardened, and continues to adapt to ever changing threats and vulnerabilities. This framework safeguards user data, and critically important Anura Intellectual Property. Through the use of an automation platform, the environment is ensured to be consistent, reliable, and secure. With carefully implemented logging, and SIEM, even individual commands executed by system operators are tracked and preserved for future audit and review.

Bloomip now assumes operational responsibility for the day to day requirements of the supporting infrastructure, enabling the Anura Development Team to focus on bringing continual improvements to the Anura platform. In addition, the Anura team relies on Bloomip’s Devoted Experts and their years of experience scaling infrastructures from concept to full scale production. As a direct result of Bloomip’s counsel and aid, eZanga has prototyped and deployed a new backend database architecture, which will enable scaling the Anura application well beyond previous levels; improving performance, while decreasing software licensing costs, culminating in significant increases in operating margins.


eZanga’s Anura platform scales further, and is more secure than ever before, whileenabling them to stay one step ahead of those who use fraud to abuse online marketingplatforms. This allows the platform to provide increasing value to their clients, andmaximizes their advertising ROI.

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